So, this should be interesting. Blonde is the Marilyn Monroe (kinda) biopic based on the Joyce Carol Oates book of the same name, which sounds interesting and brutal, and which got an NC-17 rating (that Ana seems to think is balderdash), all of which would probably be garnering a lot more chatter if we all hadn’t just been very distracted by Spitgate and Miss Flo. (It’s also produced by Brad Pitt, who is also probably glad people aren’t thinking about him too much right now.) Venice is also Ana’s first major outing since she left longtime stylist Karla Welch to work with Samantha McMillen, who also styles Elle Fanning, Evan Rachel Wood, and Brie Larson. (McMillen did the press junket for The Grey Man, which I don’t think I realized at the time.) I have heard no real scuttlebutt about that switch and it may simply be that people like to mix things up, but it’s a data point. (FWIW, I thought Welch and de Armas did great work together when she was promoting Knives Out and throughout that 2020 awards season, but maybe Ana just wanted to cleanse her entire aura of people she worked with during The Ben Phase.) The good news is that while Ana’s photocall look is kind of a snore, her outfit for the premiere is DREAMYYYYY. Plus: JEWELS.

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