Insert my usual musings about how I don’t really get what’s happening with Brie Larson’s post-Oscar win acting career trajectory here, but also insert my usual announcement that I am not on that committee, so I therefore cannot use too much energy on it. (Having said that, Brie, if you want me to join your team in an advisory capacity…like Frasier Crane, I’m listening.) This is the premiere of a documentary series that she EP’ed, and that’s very cool, so good for her.  This jumpsuit meets at the weird intersection of Sort of Naked and Slightly Matronly, which is an unusual place to land. I don’t hate it — other than the belt, which I DO hate and I don’t CARE if that’s irrational!! Let me feel my feelings! — but I also sort of want to see it on J. Lo to make the final pronouncement.

[Photo by Scott Kirkland/Shutterstock]