First, best wishes to Intern George on his (apparently speedy) recovery from the motorcycle accident. We assume he got the Honeybaked Ham we sent to Italy, although he hasn’t had time to call.


Painted lady #AmalClooney in #monseresort19 out with #GeorgeClooney | #monsegirl

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That is a LOT going on there. It’s like the opening to an Agatha Christie murder mystery set in colonial times. Lord knows this woman has proven that she’s not afraid to hop on a boat in a microscopic skirt, and for that I salute her chutzpah, but: One sleeve AND an asymmetrical hem AND a scarf AND a taxi cab driving across her nethers AND all the tendrils? AND the boat?!? I mean… you can’t spell “Monse” without, “Me? NO,” so there you go.