In thumbnail, I thought this was Amanda Bynes:

Who, despite all my snarky cracks when A. Bynes retired and then unretired, I actually do miss. Have you watched She’s The Man recently? Bynes does NOT hold back in that movie. Like, she COMMITS. It’s kind of golden. It’s so golden, in fact, that I once watched it twice in a row on a plane. (Admittedly, at the time I was on my Transatlantic Cocktail of Xanax and Wine, but it’s just as amusing when you’re on a regular, grounded cocktail.) HOWEVER. This, of course, is actually Miley. And her train makes me sad. I don’t think Miley’s got the goods to handle a train like this, because she looks like she got an entire double-ply roll of toilet paper stuck in the back of her dress.

From the front, I think it’s quite lovely:

2010 American Music Awards - Arrivals

See? I think it’s adorbs — if someone would just play train-wrangler for her all night. Luckily, she changed before she went to her Dark Mass:

Oh, my bad. That’s just her performance outfit.