Of the approximately thirty country music awards shows, the ones that don’t let Carrie Underwood host are the most boring, because I enjoy her ten costume changes. Even Carrie seems like she had a little trouble drumming up enthusiasm, because seriously, WHAT is happening with her mouth? It’s like someone told her to tense it up, or something, as some sort of photo trick… whatever the intention, in the end, she just looks like a tremendously insincere rabbit (which I’m guessing is NOT the ideal, since the only bunny we care about this time of year is the cheerful one who hides chocolate in our house for us to find two months later).

Then again, knowing what was coming for Carrie later in the night, maybe this is just the face of trepidation. Why? You’ll see.

Is she pretty in purple?

  • Yes, that is fabulous (25%, 2,041 Votes)
  • SHE is pretty, but the dress is meh (56%, 4,577 Votes)
  • It makes my soul hurt (19%, 1,561 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,180

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