Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

KEITH: Come on, pookie face, give the cameras some love.


KEITH: Awwwww, who’s being a crankypants?

NICOLE: Shut up.

KEITH: Are my little Crabby Drawers? Are you?

NICOLE: Stop it! I just… I don’t want to break my streak.

KEITH: What streak?

NICOLE: The one where I wear something perfect when I’m your date to something, and then go all crazy when it’s you being the plus-one.

KEITH: Let your public decide.

NICOLE: I don’t know…

KEITH: Pleeeeeeease?

NICOLE: Okay, fine.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

NICOLE: HERE. Are you happy?

KEITH: So happy. You’ve got fur shoulders and a snakeskin body stocking. It’s like a DREAM. Why are you not on some deliciously campy nighttime soap opera?

NICOLE: Because those shows don’t exist anymore.

KEITH: Change that! You’re NICOLE KIDMAN.

NICOLE: I just… I’m not sure this really LOOKS very good. It’s a bit… flimsy. And my hair seems depressed. Even YOUR hair seems depressed, actually.

KEITH: Well, sometimes my hair gets mad at my soul patch. They squabble. Kids, you know?

NICOLE: Do you mind giving me a moment alone to think?

KEITH: Sure, peachtree. Whatever you want.

Nicole Kidman

NICOLE: Hi, America. Now that I’m not married to Scientology, I can come to you earnestly and pray that you really like this?

Will you give her what she wants?

  • Yes. Because I LOVE THIS. (13%, 1,312 Votes)
  • Yes, but only because it's sort of campy fun. (39%, 4,047 Votes)
  • Sorry, Nic. I'd LIKE to, but.... it's not... it's just... (35%, 3,609 Votes)
  • Sorry, Nic, but you are S.O.L. It's crazeballs. (13%, 1,348 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,316

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