All Rise is one of those shows that I find very relaxing to have on in the background while I work. I love love LOVE Simone Missick — I very badly want her to play the lead in an adaptation of one of Jasmine Guillory’s books; I keep thinking Party of Two, but maybe that’s just because I read it the most recently? — and it also starts Hart of Dixie’s own Hot Neighbor Wade (whose character Jessica says is living in the same house that he used on HoD!), and Lindsey Gort, who was super as Samantha Jones in the late and lamented The Carrie Diaries. AND, Broadway’s beloved Ruthie Ann Miles! And occasionally Rose — as in Rose and Bernard — from Lost! And ER’s Paul McCrane (who I believe also directs) and Ally McBeal’s Peter MacNicol, and CSI’s Marg Helgenberger! And Rick Fox and Anne Heche just showed up! And Reggie Lee, from many things, and dreamy Ian Anthony Dale! It’s full to the brim with people. (It also had a real issue with its EP last season, apparently, and while he is still present and I am curious about that, I love how diverse the cast is and they hired a woman to co-run the show with him, so I’m hopeful it will go smoothly.)

ANYWAY, I was pecking away at a couture slideshow the other night while watching, and I looked up, and there was Simone Missick rocking that ROBE. The PATTERN! The SLEEVES!


Her character just had a baby. This is decidedly the most perfect a person on maternity leave has ever looked. The sleeves seem enormously impractical for infant-wrangling, because they are indeed enormous.


But I love this costuming choice. No mere terrycloth for Judge Lola Carmichael (though she does get a VERY plush and furry one later in the hour). She deserves that gorgeous floral and two massive shower caps on her wrists. Everything still sucks! Find some drama in heartwarming places! Sleeve shenanigans are it! GO FOR GINORMITY, LOLA.