God. I am so happy that Aubrey O’Day is back out and about:

Honestly, I think this is crazy and yet it is also sort of refreshingly demure and unusual for Aubrey, who has a tendency to show up places wearing, like, fur skirts and weird bustiers and objects that might be made of paper mache pinned to her prodigious bosom. This, on the other hand, is kind of like if Maggie Gyllenhaal fell and hit her head and came to in a warehouse in the Valley, where they told her she was a stylist and Aubrey O’Day was her client and she pulled herself together and went out and made something happen for Aubrey in under ten hours, even though she was sort of still seeing double and her head, like, really really REALLY really hurt.

“Oh, God,” Head-Hurty Gyllenhaal said. “Will someone PLEASE hand me some scissors? I’ve got some hemming to do. A LOT OF IT.”