I just learned something! And it’s that Anne Rice actually wrote a trilogy about the titular Mayfair Witches! I loved the first one, The Witching Hour, and recall being neutral on its sequel and I don’t think I read the last one because I didn’t know it existed! To the library I go! I also need to note that I have NO IDEA if that first book holds up, as I read it in 1990. Having said that, I’m pretty sure I still have it kicking around my apartment.) This also seems like the best place to confess that I gave an impassioned speech about how much I loved Anne Rice in a college interview for a very fancy school which did not admit me. I regret nothing except for the fact that I referred to her as being “European,” which is very wrong! I meant “gothic,” okay!!!!!!! Leave me alone!

What the hell did I come in here to talk about? Ah yes! Alexanda Daddario! If you’re starring in a program where you play a neurosurgeon witch in New Orleans and you really want to commit, this IS how you go about it. (FWIW, I think this book series could potentially be a very entertaining TV show and I will definitely watch it. It’s on AMC.)

Photo by Christopher Polk/Shutterstock for AMC