The first thing I need to tell you is, my brain muddled up their names and I accidentally called Ms. Fox “Megan Kelly,” and I guffawed imagining Machine Gun Kelly and Megyn Kelly as a couple. I mean, he IS Pete Davidson’s best friend, so maybe he’s picked up some tips on creative wooing. Second, I have no idea what these two are doing, besides meandering, but they LOOK like the aftermath of an action movie. Megan Fox plays a secret agent at the Oscars who, after busting a plot to give Jared Leto another award, follows the perps out into the mall, rips her dress in half and shoplifts some jeans for easier sprinting, and hijacks MGK’s Hollywood Safari double-decker bus as get into a medium-speed chase with an Escalade stretch limo. It ends in a moderate crash into the Cinerama Dome and then he buys her some Menchie’s. It’ll probably be the No. 1 movie on Netflix for at LEAST 24 hours.

[Photo: Hollywood To You/Star Max/GC Images]