Man, you don’t realize how awesome a model is until she’s gone. When we started going to Fashion Week, Coco Rocha and Jessica Stam and Agyness Deyn were all over the runways, and it’s not until they unexpectedly pop up to walk in somebody’s show — like when Coco did Zac Posen’s this past season, and she practically had to step over my foot to get off the runway because of where my seat was, and all the dresses basically slid over my shoes and it was kind of fantastic — that you realize their fierceness is greatly missed.

Likewise, I hadn’t realized how much I missed Agyness’s signature sartorial nutbaritude, until she popped up at this event in what could be a really fun pattern but which is instead being used as an overlay for granny panties. But on the bright side, it’s making me hungry for a bowl of spaghetti, and I never look gift carbs in the mouth. So thanks, Agyness! Lunch is SERVED.

[Photo: Getty]