This has a much edgier cut to it than Reese Witherspoon’s dresses usually do. And I’m thrilled that she’s not wearing the exact same shoe she always does — you know, strip across the toes, slingback.

But I can’t decide if I think all that is flattering on Reese, or so overly designed that it looks constrictive. Particularly the giant arrow up the middle that’s chopping her groin into thirds. Would this look better without that detail? Or is it the bodice that’s wonking up my brain? Those darts look like inverted nipples and I swear that thing is taking her down at least one cup size.

Or am I the nutjob and she actually looks profoundly awesome? Either fix it in the comments, Fug Nation, or fix me. Except you should know I probably am irreparably broken, and also this dress probably got forgotten the second her new husband removed it with his teeth. But the trying will be fun.

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