I’m glad Amanda Setton is back on Gossip Girl. Penelope was my favorite of Blair’s high-school minions, and she was really funny on Mercy and One Life To Live in the interim. So, hooray for people having jobs.
The Cinema Society & 2(x)ist Screening Of
However, the producers may soon want her to quit her side gig playing inside linebacker for the Lampshade Football League’s New York Sperm. Noses you didn’t pay someone to break are so not Upper East Side.
Also attending the premiere of Twelve: This outfit.

The Cinema Society & 2(x)ist Screening Of

I have no idea who Chanel Horne is, and Google tells me that nobody else really does, either. But my EYES suggest she is a serial scalper of recent college graduates, who wears the spoils of her felonious deeds like trophies. I don’t see white very well represented yet, so WATCH OUT, recent Bachelor of Arts recipients. Your time of jauntily hanging your tassel from your rearview mirror is coming to a grisly end.
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