Addison Rae here, a TikTok star who is segueing into acting, is promoting He’s All That — and yes, throwback fans, that’s a gender-flipped remake of She’s All That in which she plays Freddie Prinze Jr.’s character. First, the good news: This dress is a very sexy red throwback to the one Rachael Leigh Cook wore when she walked down the stairs, post-makeover, to the strains of Sixpence None The Richer’s iconic “Kiss Me.” Addison wears it well. Her shoes are ALSO a throwback to ones most of us owned from Steve Madden way back in prehistoric times, and I am less excited about that. But the really bad news is the trailer:

Wait, hang on, there is another bright spot: Rachael Leigh Cook looks gorgeous, and the brief glimpse of Matthew Lillard suggest that his cameo is as delightfully douchey as you would want. But the rest of it is a mess: a remake of a movie that didn’t need remaking, with a cover of a great song that did not need covering, and wooden acting everywhere. It’s not that She’s All That is flawless, or full of Oscar-winning performances; I actually can’t watch some portions of it because they make me gag (you know the scene… in the lunchroom… ugggh, and if you don’t, trust me it’s better that way), and the bit where Freddie Prinze Jr. emotes at his hacky-sack is hilarious in ways the movie absolutely did not intend. And that’s not a euphemism, either. He really is emoting at a hacky-sack. Still, She’s All That rode the wave of a very specific moment and rode it well. He’s All That, in trailer form at least, comes off as something people did because they were bored and the insurance came through. The question is, will you watch? Like, if you’re already on the couch with a bottle of something (wine, water, whatever), and it happens to pop up at you while you’re scrolling through Netflix, will you succumb? I would like to say I won’t. I really would. But I watched BOTH Kissing Booth movies and then made my friend Carrie watch them so I could have someone who would understand my gripes. We’re obviously watching number three in a week or so. We’ll probably sit through this too. What can I say? I’m too old to change now.

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