I mean, it’s not actively offensive. It’s not pulling my hair and spitting in it and trying to light it on fire, or anything.

But nor do I like it. I’m not sure what Olivia Munn is doing there, as she’s not, to my knowledge, a noted country music fan nor a noted musician nor a noted CBS employee. Maybe just a noted event attendee? But the thing is, this looks like she put about as much effort into it as you might expect from a person who is secretly thinking, “Why am I here?” Even her leg looks bored. Thumbs up for the lipstick and the earrings, but I think this needed a LOT more help to look cool and exciting rather than stuffy and staid. And yes, “stuffy” IS a rare achievement for a gown with that much cleavage erupting. It’s VERY The Paula Patton Playbook to me, which has only ever been hip in the sense that sometimes you can SEE her hip.

Too harsh?

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