Is it just me, or does Carrie Underwood not seem all that jazzed about this?

Sure, she’s smiling, but it’s the stretched, tight grin of a woman who’s been told by a kinky saboteur not to complain or else her shoe closet will be set on fire. So she’s stuck out there in a murky bridal toga looking like her skirt lining got caught in her Spanx.

Fortunately for Carrie, she did come up with one way to keep herself legitimately entertained:

Although it’s not so much tres jolie as tres Jolie.

Per usual, Carrie changed clothes once she got inside. Sadly, this outfit is not available in our subscription, or else we could natter for days about whether its cute or it looks like her sternum is smiling with chapped lips. But we do have a picture of what she wore to perform.

Somewhere out there, a drive-through car wash is only cleaning the LEFT half of people’s vehicles.

[Photos: Getty]