I freely admit that I know basically nothing about Miranda Lambert, other than that she’s marrying another country star, Blake Shelton — this is because I don’t really follow country music (I think that section of my brain ended up getting diverted to my extensive knowledge of Real Housewives of Wherever instead) and only really know what they’re up to thanks to People Magazine, and sometimes The Celebrity Apprentice. I mean, I’m up on Carrie Underwood. And I like Reba, because who doesn’t secretly end up watching reruns of Reba when they’re sick at home? Also: her unbelievably awesome/cheesy video for Does He Love You? But the rest of the Stars of Country Music I’m basically only familiar with thanks to a variety of glossy magazines articles about their engagements/baby joy/diets/chicken wing recipes. So I don’t know if I’m supposed to be all, “OH MIRANDA HONEY WHY LET ME HELP YOU I HAVE SO MUCH LOVE IN MY HEART FOR YOU” or all “GOD SHE NEVER PULLS IT TOGETHER.” Help me.