If you’ve read this site for any length of time — say, thirty seconds or longer — you may have noticed that it’s not the slickest-looking thing. We designed the only two mastheads we’ve ever had on Photoshop (a program we only barely know how to use), we don’t know HTML or CSS or INSERT CRAZY COMPUTER LANGUAGE INITIAL THINGIES HERE, and our right sidebar basically amounts to a crazy-long and unattractive list of names. Now, we used to — and still do — find that homegrown haphazardness kind of charming, like the allure of wearing ratty, worn-out, stretched pair of jeans rather than sitting around all day in my fancy pants, or how I’m totally wearing Uggs around the house all the time because my cute heels give me blisters (and my feet are cold because my heater is broken, but whatever, that is not your problem). 

But let’s face it: Our baby is six and a half years old, and most six-and-a-half year olds have been taught to dress themselves in something more than just a bathing suit, a tutu, and corduroy pants. In short, our baby is growing up, and we realized it’s time that it looks the part. 

So, sometime this afternoon — or possibly tomorrow, depending on the vagaries of technology — you will come to this site and find it looks different. But do not have fear! It will be the same crabby fugs, just placed in a spruced-up layout — new masthead, occasional slideshow capabilities (more pictures!), and a sidebar with actual useful information on it. Basically, we want to make it more fun for you to see what we’ve written in the past as well as what we wrote today, and also, seriously, that sidebar menu was an eyesore. The upcoming ‘Featured Fuggers’ module is a lot cuter.
Anyway, we really hope that even if you fear and loathe change (as we often do), you’ll see this one as a makeover for the better. And don’t worry, we’re still the Internet equivalent of a Mom and Pop shop; we just want a nicer sign out front, you know? We think you’ll like it, and we’re enormously grateful to the people who’ve worked so hard to make it happen. So even if you DON’T like it, please send up a little prayer that those people finally get a good night’s sleep soon. They worked really hard, and frankly, we think they are rock stars.
Enjoy! See you on the flip side. If any wonkiness occurs this afternoon during the switch-over, it should be brief. And our links should all still work — but if you’re worried, or they don’t, update it to www.gofugyourself.com and it will always send you to the right place. 
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