So, my Houghdar has been off for y’all, lately — I didn’t hate the Packham, and I dug the suit. So I’m throwing this one to the wolves of Fug Nation and letting you vote it up.

Obviously, I have Thoughts. One of which is that the tube top is dopey. Those suckers are hard to wear and rarely move the way anyone wants them to, across an entire evening. I’ll give her that it makes her look longer, but that’s about it. And from the front it makes her look like her chest has been ironed flat…

And then from the side it looks like a boob shelf. The whole thing, to me, is a sartorial frown. It’s the start of a wrinkle I’m going to develop in a couple months from repetitive grimacing. But that’s just my take — let’s see if, today, my Houghdar pings in concert with yours.

Fug or Fab?

  • FUG. (54%, 2,615 Votes)
  • FAB. (13%, 612 Votes)
  • Some kind of.... purgatory. Fugatory? (33%, 1,578 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,806

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