I assume you are thinking about your Halloween costumes at the moment. I am mostly thinking about candy. Eat some while you read the following:

Dogs in costumes. You think you’re not a person who cares about this BUT YOU ARE. Trust me. (The Cut)

– To continue the costume theme, the Awl asked a variety of fashion writers and bloggers about their first/favorite Halloween costumes, including us. Comes with a bonus shot of a little Heather in hers, and it is very cute indeed. (The Awl)

– Slate is running a lengthy piece about the 40th anniversary of Free To Be You and Me, which is a great read. I loved that album when I was little. I also had no idea Marlo Thomas was so awesome. (Slate)

– Vulture goes deep to figure out which dude every song on Taylor Swift’s new album is about. (Vulture)

– I’m pretty sure you want to read A History of The Fashion Turban (Glo)

– ALLEGEDLY Miley Cyrus is planning a one million dollar wedding. Is it wrong of me if I really want it to be televised? (Celebitchy)

This is a very interesting piece on famous people who just missed the Titanic. It’s FASCINATING to think about how all of our lives can be affected by the smallest things — a sprained ankle, deciding to stay in Aix for a massage, etc. (Smithsonian)

– Let’s look at the thinnest house in the world. As a claustrophobic I say, “no thank you.” (Time)

– Flavorwire presents The 12 Most Unnecessary Pumpkin-Flavored Products. Courtesy of Burger King Japan, one of them is a cheeseburger. (Flavorwire)

– Apparently — MAD MEN SPOILER! — Don and Megan Draper take a vacation. Which means: Hamm in vintage trunks and Jessica Pare in a swimsuit I COVET. (Vulture)

– Oooh, Tom Cruise is suing Life and Style. (Lainey)