First of all, her face is lovely and I want all the good things for Zoey Deutch, who is a good and likable actress. “All the good things,” however, may not include this ensemble. The top reminds me of nothing so much as a polyester cap-sleeved number I wore throughout much of the mid-90s because I was working a beleaguered Janine Garofalo in Reality Bites vintage-store-cum-Contempo-Casuals look (I obviously wanted to be Winona Ryder, but let’s be honest with ourselves) that was actually super cute but eventually had to be tossed because eventually everything made of 100% polyester starts to smell a bit. The bottom is a skirt that someone stapled a feather boa onto for reasons that are totally inexplicable to me. Ne’er should the twain have met — and nor should she have invited them in.

[Photo: Getty Images]