This is an extremely kooky dress with a very playful side, which looks like a hybrid of a super offbeat children’s cartoon and a book of paper dolls you’d find in a modern art museum’s gift shop. Zendaya is therefore the perfect person to wear it, because she is almost never overwhelmed by whimsy, and can make even truly weird ideas seem cool. For instance, I don’t really know WHY there is a bow-like design on her chest, but… well, in a way, it looks like there’s a large bottle of wine on her skirt and someone just tried to tie a ribbon on it. See, Zendaya turns confusion into Gift Wine. Such is her power. Also, “turning confusion into Gift Wine since 2014″ or whatever should be her Twitter slogan.

Above is the collection whence this dress came, and there’s a lot more like it — and the set reflected the collection as well. Who else could you see making sense of it?

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