This is tremendously romantic on her — so sweeping and epic. This is the dress you wear to run across a meadow, perhaps in a light rain that only heightens your beauty, whilst suffering from the kind of exquisite romantical problem that will be solved in ninety to a hundred-and-twenty minutes to the tune of various swelling violins. I hope it goes without saying that I would absolutely buy a ticket to that movie. Someone get Zendaya on the phone!

I love this photo of her getting wrangled into her car, too:

The Mark Hotel Celebrates The 2017 Met Gala

I’m sure everyone is trying to figure out how best to deal with this skirt without crushing it, but it sort of looks like the whole group is just ADMIRING her. And correctly so.

The Mark Hotel Celebrates The 2017 Met Gala


[Photos: Courtesy of Dolce&Gabbana, Getty Images, The Mark Hotel]