I know. I can’t believe it, either. Obviously, in order to keep the universe in balance, Emily Ratajkowski posted a pre-Gala Instagram of herself in her underpants (it’s over a million likes as of this writing). And then she showed up at the Met Gala, a very tempting night for the skin hobbyists, in a delicious Marc Jacobs that leaves plenty to the imagination while also serving up what she’s got.

Given the chance, I might revisit what appears to be a blue velvet boob ribbon, but I’m not even upset about it. The colors are cool, the gown is interesting, and she reminds me of gazing through a swimming pool at a pattern tiled on the bottom. It’s such a momumental leap in classiness for her that I don’t even care that she balled up the theme and drop-kicked it into her hamper.

[Photo: Getty]