Zendaya’s slinky sensation at the Spiderman premiere may have felt impractical to wear to an after-party, but if I looked like that in a dress, I think I’d wear it until it disintegrated off my body. Nonetheless, she chose to change, and she picked this olive Balmain as her Plan B. I actually think that tiered fringe is lovely; I do not care for the bodice, which feels like someone at Balmain made it after shopping for swimwear out of a Victoria’s Secret catalog. It looks, on her, probably as good as it can on a person, but it’s also a little cheesy and it’s not servicing that skirt, nor particularly her. Listen, even the best hitters in baseball miss more than they connect; compared to that, her average is still pretty damn superhuman.

[Photo: Rex/Shutterstock]

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