Josephine Potter, you look marvelous. It feels like it was only yesterday that you were a gawky tomboy — which in some ways it was, because Dawson’s Creek is in reruns right now on cable. This is very bombshell for Katie Holmes, and I love it. Her face looks fabulous but not overdone, and the gown is fitted to perfection. This is grown-up stuff — so much better than those dark days when she and her stylist decided they should start their own fashion line, and everything looked like the rejected audition portfolio for a Project Runway knockoff. And this even reins in some of Zac’s most over-the-top impulses.¬†Turns out Joey might¬†just be Posen’s best muse. I wonder if she’d have believed it if you told her 15 years ago.

[Photo: Backgrid]