Minka here plays Dove on the new DC Comics web series Titans, so she’s making the rounds to promote it (and the fact that DC even has a streaming service, which is probably news to a whole lot of people). She plays, per Wikipedia, a “strategic and lithe vigilante,” and this outfit appears to require all those characteristics: a solid plan for getting in and out, as well as some flexibility and a desire to wreak vengeance upon whomever designed it. Honestly, it’s the hideous frontal garment equivalent of the Kardashian-inspired trend of wearing coats half-shrugged off of your body, and it’s astounding and bad and clearly sewn by hallucinating semi-sentient lawn gnomes.

She did at least eventually escape, or hatch out of it, or whatever:

Minka Kelly Arrives at Build Series

Do I LOVE the cut of the pants? No, but this is SO MUCH BETTER. Why didn’t she wear this the first time?!? Is it because she thought no one would notice the good without the grody? That without the WTF, there can be no Well Played? I don’t agree, but in her case here it certainly worked.

[Photos: InstarImages.com]
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