I am on record as really loving this Delpozo line, but I NEVER would have put this on Hilary Swank, not ever, not in a million years.

That said, I’m very proud of myself for calling the fact that someone was going to wear this without the white shirt that they placed underneath it on the runway. I just would have thought that someone would have been, say, Taylor Swift or Katy Perry. I just…this is all wrong on her. For one thing, she needs a red lipstick with it — or something, at least, to acknowledge that this is a LOOK and she is committing to said look, and that she didn’t just randomly toss it on and run out. This is a Lot of Outfit and I think you need to have a whimsical (or at least eclectic) persona in order to have a chance of pulling it off. Hilary Swank serves neither whimsy nor eclecticism, but she could inch into the latter if she were very careful about how she did it, I think. If I were styling Hilary Swank, though, I’d dress her like an uptight 1930s WASPsy heiress all the time: evening gowns with sleeves, shirtdresses, lots of impeccably cut suits. All her casual wear would make her look as if she’d just walked into the drawing room from the stables or the tennis court. Crisp, elegant, clean, THE END.

So, you know. Not this. Ship this over to Katy and let’s see what happens.

[Photo: Getty]