Some tremendous photography came out of yesterday’s big event, none more astonishing to me than the above, although this slideshow contains some great yet disturbingly freaky skies in general. It’s pretty majestic.

I thought about doing this chat yesterday, honestly, in a live kind of way, but then it slipped my mind when it counted. TYPICAL. I’d love to hear from anyone who watched, or noticed, or even just Internet-stalked the eclipse. (I was at Orangetheory, having stupidly booked the 9:45 class so that I’d be smack in the middle of the action, and the only remarkable thing I noticed was me running uphill without my lungs coming up and out my mouth.) Did you get any good photos? What was your favorite coverage? What did you see, or not notice? Did you buy glasses, or make a projector with a cereal box, or just stand with the sun at your back and flip your iPhone camera to selfie mode? Did you forget it was even happening, or know and just not care? And if you’re an astrology junkie, did you notice anything good, bad, or indifferent and ARE LEOS GOING TO HAVE A DOMINATING YEAR PLEASE SAY YES ASKING FOR A FRIEND.


We need to discuss that this GIF proves I haven’t seen the “Total Eclipse of the Heart” video in FAR TOO LONG. Why are there football players? Are they the light of her life that now are only love in the dark?

[Photos: Backgrid, Getty]