Because I ALWAYS want to know what people are using and loving in their kitchen. Or, I guess, loving but not really using that often, if you also want to talk about that. I, for example, LOVE my pink KitchenAid mixer more than life itself, but I hardly ever bake, so mostly I just ADMIRE IT on the counter. (Although, in fairness, when I do bake, it is GREAT. I also use it to whipped the mashed potatoes I make at the holidays, and it’s amazing for that.) I use my Cuisinart a lot (I seem to have gotten my replacement blade sooner than other people, which helps). But what I really use the very most of everything in my kitchen is this very cheap, hella basic, $30 rice maker. I use it constantly. I make SO much more rice than I used to. (Which isn’t great for my diet but whatever, who cares, we all need carbs now.) ¬†Help me spend my kitchen feelings!