After an award show ends — and when the real work begins — Jessica and I always put on a movie or two. This year, post-Globes, we did a Renee Zellweger double bill, beginning with Bridget Jones’ Diary and rolling into the woefully underappreciated Down With Love. Which, naturally, begat a conversation about whatever did happen to Catcher Block, women’s man, man’s man, man about town.

Enter Mr. McGregor at the Mortdecai premiere:

In deeply graceful terms: He might be kind of a goober now? The whole I’m Wearing A Leather Jacket Instead Of My Tuxedo Or Suit Coat motif feels a bit like the exertions of a midlife crisis. Then again, I do LOVE a good leather jacket, and I’m not goober-averse at ALL, and Ewan has a lot of currency with me thanks to his admittedly moony-eyed turn in Moulin Rouge and then the delicious parody of Down With Love, so… basically, I will accept his cash and offer him a favorable exchange rate, even if I will NEVER watch Mortdecringe until such time as I am trapped on an airplane eating something out of a plastic tray that purports to be lasagna.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]