Whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, a Libertarian or an Independent, an American or an international reader, a dog or a cat or a sentient pile of cookie dough, we all have one thing in common: We’re STRESSED OUT about what’s going to happen today, and we need something to refresh that isn’t CNN, or FiveThirtyEight, or even Twitter.

So I offer you a chat. Regardless of whether you support Hillary Clinton, she is the first woman to appear at the top of the presidential ballot for a major party in this country. In the hope that this is the first step toward an era in which more and more women come forward as the leaders we all know we are, I ask you: If you got to make a Mount Rushmore of admirable, enviable, strong, powerful, influential women, whose faces would you put on it?

I mean, besides these:

Originally, because actual Mount Rushmore is USA-only, I was going to have you answer only with American women. But hell, why exclude the world? So feel free to meet the challenge however you like. Or even do it both ways. Maybe we get two. Maybe we get a Mount Rushmore 2.0 right next to Mount Rushmore: Original Flavor, and another one on Mount Everest. Or ON THE FACE OF THE MOON, visible to anyone who glances up at it. Maybe your Mount Rushmore is of women history cannot forget; maybe yours is women you’re afraid history WILL forget, but shouldn’t. It could be anything. Have fun with it, but also, I’d just really love to hear which women of the world are impactful to all of you. And on the culmination of the angriest election in memory, PLEASE, let’s keep this a safe place for every to fly their flags.