Henry Golding is apparently promoting an action flick called Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins, co-written by a dude named Joe Shrapnel (!). I like the idea of Henry getting to do Big Dumb Fun after a couple dreamy rom-com roles, but… look at this man. Charm oozes out of him. I feel like we need to see him on a train platform bidding a warm if slightly regretful farewell, or leaning out of a locomotive waving hello to the love of his life. Perhaps he’s on board a ship, pulling away from port, before being presumed dead (INCORRECTLY) and fighting his way back to his life. I’m just saying: Swoony is his destiny.

Also, if you’re looking for entries for your Everyone Looks Hotter in Sunglasses scrapbook:

'Jimmy Kimmel Live' TV Show, Los Angeles, USA - 20 Jul 2021

He may not look MORE hot, but he looks STILL hot.

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