First, you should know that Lottie is at an event for a sustainable swimwear line called, wait for it, PISTOL PANTIES. I assume this was once the working title for a movie about a bunch of lingerie-store employees who decide to rob it and take their greedy, sexist employers for all they’re worth, before getting sucked into the seedy world of murder-for-hire. Second, she then wore it out to dinner at a restaurant in Notting Hill, so obviously none of these items was on her body solely out of promotional obligation. Third: This is truly what you would wear on Halloween if you were in college and keeping with the grand old tradition of going as “Sexy ______” as a thin excuse to wear as little as possible, and you landed on, “Sexy Teen Choice Awards 2000.” In fact, it’s so bad that the Teen Choice Awards of 2000 may feel libeled by this comparison, and grab the Early Aughts, the Going-Out Top, and several teen movies from around that time to see if they want in on a lawsuit.

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