It’s almost the weekend. So please enjoy these two cut-ups, sharing a hilarious inside joke that underscores their warm rapport.

I assume this will be their holiday card.

But, feast anew. And tell me: Were you a Leo person? Are you still? I admit I wasn’t, but then I also admit that Titanic totally sucked me in and for a time I really got it. Now I appreciate him as an actor — he’s GREAT in Wolf of Wall Street — but not as a heartthrob. It’s not that I find him hideous or anything like that; it’s just that my mind doesn’t wander down his particular boulevard. It’s nothing personal, Leo. It’s not you, it’s me.

Tom Hardy, conversely, I find overblown as a performer. But he definitely has some kind of physical magnetism. It’s a Friday afternoon, it’s almost Christmas, traffic in Los Angeles is about to get DELICIOUSLY manageable. Let’s procrastinate: If you had to pluck one of these gents from this photo and make him yours, which would you pick?

[Photo: Getty]