Jessica and I were in England for what I BELIEVE were two airings of The Wine Show, and we managed not to be in our hotel room for either one of them. The way I feel about this is:

Like, I want to rage, but I just can’t stay mad at him (for not magically selling his show in the US) or the universe (for putting me in front of a large glass of wine instead of a show about large glasses of wine). But let’s go to the most recent photo:

Glasses and a knit hat and casual clothes, and yes. I’ve noted before that it took his heat with Alicia Florrick for me to get the dreaminess (mostly because the only other thing I’d seen him in was that Mandy Moore movie where she’s the president’s daughter), but now that I’m finally in Goode Country, I’m buying a house there.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]