So, I just wrote the words, “it’s been a long week.” In the paraphrased words of Jack Donaghy: Lemon, it’s Tuesday. But…the point stands. Sometimes, you just want to see one of the Better Chrises walking around in a tee-shirt, and the best of Brad Pitt’s old haircuts. Or I do, anyway. Looking at these photos is like a spa for my eyeballs. I feel soothed. I can almost hear the Enya:

'Jimmy Kimmel Live' TV Show, Los Angeles, USA - 08 Apr 2019

Maybe I should open an establishment where you can make an appointment to come in and recline on a lounger for 25 minutes in a dim room while someone just projects photos of The Dude of Your Choice Looking Relaxed In a Tee-Shirt on the wall and soft music plays in the background. No phones allowed. Just…man candy.

[Photo: REX/Shutterstock]