I’m of the belief that everyone has ONE — something weird and silly they can do, a trick that they pulled out at parties back in the day, and may still bring out to play every now and then. I, for example, can fit my fist into my mouth, thanks to a combo of very small hands and an abnormally large mouth. I no longer do this because I realized (while doing it at a bar as people stared at me) that it’s not particularly attractive nor very ladylike, so it’s been retired, but it was fun and impressive while it lasted. AND FREAKY. (I also taught myself how to tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue after seeing Audrey Horne do it, but the trick with that one is that it’s basically impossible to do without contorting your face in all kinds of very unsexy ways. I suspect Sherilyn Fenn was given a pre-tied cherry stem in Twin Peaks; again, TV has lied to me.) I have a friend who is double-jointed and can contort herself in many ways that seem unnatural and are very impressive. Another friend can name all the US Presidents, in order, extremely quickly.  Share with Fug Nation what crazy little trick you have up your sleeve! (I hope one of you, like Kramer, can drink a whole beer without extinguishing your cigarette.)