So, I am very depressed! This is not an issue with my serotonin or whatever. It’s totally situational. I’m depressed because life is depressing right now! But something that is helping me sort of perk up lately is mentally planning a trip I am going to take once This Is All Over with my sister. It is not a massive trip! We’re just going to drive a few hours away to Palm Springs, stay at a really nice hotel, drink margaritas by the pool all day, and occasionally leave to go shop for vintage caftans. This sounds extremely fun to me, and looking at pictures of Palm Springs hotel pools soothes my troubled brow. It also got me to thinking, Carrie Bradshaw-style: What is your DREAM vacation? Imagine that price is no object  — in this dream, you have unlimited funds AND unlimited vacation time — and there are no practical stumbling blocks (i.e., you have childcare if you need it; everything you want to see is accessible to you in any way you need it to be). Where would you go? (Mine is Italy.)