Yes, yes, I know summer is not technically over, but as we head into Labor Day Weekend — traditionally its last hurrah (sob, Los Angeles did not even get its first hurrah this year) — I am curious to know what great books you read this summer! In the last few weeks, I’ve returned to my old habit of reading before bed, instead of doom-scrolling for like an hour and then expecting to drop off into a peaceful sleep. Guess what? Reading a book instead of staring at your phone is WAY better for your sleep hygiene! Let’s see if I can keep it up. Most recently, I’ve read:

Mexican Gothic, which I VERY much enjoyed. It was extremely good at distracting me from reality, and creative and creepy and fun.

Such a Fun Age, which everyone has probably already read because it was a Reese book and a big bestseller but it’s — as you might guess! — really great. (Reese has great taste in books!)

Rodham, which I thought was beautifully written and REALLY interesting and I can see how it would be divisive for people but I loved it.

And right now I’m reading The House of Trelawney, which is delightful and perfect if you are a person who loves books about Rich People With Problems OR descriptions of English estates which are totally falling apart — which obviously I am both of those things.

What about you? (FYI, those are all affiliate links to