It’s a question we always want to know the answer to! What are you reading right now? I’ll start! I recently finished We Keep the Dead Close, a fascinating true-crime novel about a long-unsolved murder at Harvard that was in fact solved as the author was working on the book; am working my way through the always-delightful Veronica Speedwell novels that came out while I was distracted by our own book; and am also greatly enjoying Tia Williams’s Seven Days in June, our most recent giveaway here. Now it’s your turn to share!

PS: Speaking of, the paperback of The Heir Affair comes out next month if you want to get in on that action and pre-order it! That link is to Amazon, but you can pre-order basically anywhere, including at your local indie. What an exciting gift to give yourself, I say in an incredibly unbiased manner!

PPS: We use affiliate links where available, like the ones in this post to Amazon and Bookshop.