Just curious! I’m between books, and looking for a recommendation from Fug Nation, which is always well-read and interesting and full of good suggestions. I feel like I’ve been in kind of a book rut lately — nothing is appealing to me, and nothing is holding my attention, even though I’m generally that person who DOES NOT quit a book. That said, the most recent good book I’ve personally read comes out a week from tomorrow. It’s called Dear Emma, by Katie Heaney, and you may have seen me waxing poetic about it on Twitter. I LOVED it, so make a note if you’re looking for something excellent to read. Okay, now: YOUR TURN. Fill up my book basket, please!

[PS: This post is not at all a round-about way for me to note this — I legit need book recs! DEAR GOD please give me something to read; I feel like such a weirdo not reading a book at the moment — but, FYI, if you were waiting for the paperback to buy The Royal We, you can pre-order it now. There’s a bonus chapter!]