First of all: I cannot stand it when people are like, “this time has been a GIFT!!!!!!!!!!” because while I appreciate those who need to look on the bright side to get through the night, and we all need to find a silver lining in things (how many more cliches can I shove into this post? Wait and see!), this is is A FATAL PANDEMIC and it is not a gift. No one needs to use this time to do anything other than keep their head above water and stay alive. Having said that! If you’ve picked up any interesting hobbies or skills this year — please share! Other people’s hobbies and skills are interesting and fun and we want to applaud you for learning how to play the lute or whatever! (I have NOT picked up any hobbies, but I am renovating my patio, which has been fun, although now my Middle of the Night Stress Shopping Habit involves sunbrella pillow covers from Etsy. Etsy has GREAT pillows and I hope that my pillow-buying hobby is now helping to support someone else’s pillow-making hobby.)