A reader kindly wrote to us last week and wondered if it might not be time to repeat one of Fug Nation’s most enjoyable chats: the one where we brag on ourselves and share the awesome stuff we’ve recently accomplished! And she was quite right. No awesome thing too small; nothing you want to brag on is insignificant! We want to hear what you are proud of right now! Did you recently win the Nobel Peace Prize? (Fun fact, one of our readers has won the Nobel Peace Prize and she’s amazing.) Did you recently FINALLY finish that 1000 piece puzzle that you’ve been working on for weeks? Did you figure out something tricksy at work or home? Did you finally read Infinite Jest?! Did you learn to change your own tire, or did your kids make the honor roll or did you get a big promotion or did your potted gardenia finally bloom? SHARE YOUR GOOD NEWS PLEASE.