So! We’ve run this chat previously and it’s always fun and helpful, and it felt like we were due to have another iteration. The way it works is easy! Do you need recommendations for something specific — a hotel in San Francisco that’s dog-friendly? A new jam brand that comes in a wide jar? Bandaids that don’t have latex? A great white tee shirt?  Headphones that go over your ear but aren’t a million dollars? A credit card with good travel points? A new facial sunscreen? Pop down to the comments and ask. And if anyone knows the answer or has a suggestion, they can give it!  It’s like Take-a-Penny, Leave-a-Penny, but with recommendations. Go forth!

FWIW: This post was inspired by Hillary Kerr’s recent newsletter about white tee shirts. I’ve been looking for the perfect white tee for like FIVE YEARS and said newsletter finally fixed me up! (I got the Re/Done x Hanes Classic Tee. It is NOT CHEAP but it was exactly what I wanted and….as noted, FIVE YEARS.)