I guess more people are doing “intentions” this year — I say, do whatever works for you; I’m not here to police your New Year, New You Nomenclature! — and, as ever, I’m intrigued and invested in hearing what other people are resolving or intending to do with themselves in this new decade. Last year, I resolved to be more financially organized and I ACTUALLY DID IT. (I just was really persnickety about categorizing stuff on Mint, basically, and used Digit to sock away some cash.)  (Not an ad, I just love Digit.) This year, I have similarly dull but hopefully do-able goals — I’m going to try to use less plastic (which is so much harder than it ought to be), and I’m going to take my vitamins every day. (I need an app that makes that last one more fun.) (I have medical issues which have doctor-mandated Vitamin/Iron Taking so this isn’t some weird woo-woo thing I’m doing.) (I’m also resolving use more parenthesis in 2020.)

Your turn!