With the holidays (finally) over, I want to know: What books did you give? What books did you get? What books are you going to buy with your gift cards or the $10 you found in that winter coat you only wear on New Year’s Eve? DO TELL.

As for me, I gave the Atlas Obscura book (it’s awesome, and great for those moments where you only have ten minutes and want to read something diverting; definitely get the hard copy and not an e-book); John le CarrĂ©’s memoir The Pigeon Tunnel, which I was relieved to note my father hadn’t already gotten for himself; the new Roxane Gay book Difficult Women (which I am stealing from my sister when she’s done with it; she also got The Notorious RBG, from our parents); Deep Run Roots: Stories and Recipes from My Corner of the South, which is HUGE and gorgeous; A Week in Winter, for my Maeve Binchy-loving grandmother; and The Big Book of Girl Power for my goddaughter (who LOVES superheroes). I was lucky enough to receive two cookbooks (which I always LOVE to get), one based on The Chew (I LOVE YOU CARLA), which looks quite good for easy apps and nibbly bits, and Mozza at Home, which is just gorgeous.

What about you?