I don’t mean to freeze out the non-curlies of the world; I think there is room here for people who do NOT have nature’s corkscrews and yet occasionally style them into their hair, and have — or want — advice on holding that. Or even just on good anti-frizz serums. These doors are open for all.

But first:  We saw this once already today, but let’s feast on Blake’s beachy curl formation one more time.


My hair only turned curly when I was a freshman in college, and I bobbed it. That day, it dried curly, and never went back to straight (well, I always had a little wave, but only in the very front). Since then, I’ve been incredibly irregular about whether I use anything in it –which is doubly lame because when I worked at the newspaper in Austin, I sat across from two women with superb curly hair, and one of them founded NaturallyCurly.com shortly before I left for Los Angeles. Just think of all the wisdom I could have gotten. (And for the record, this was 2000, so people teased her about it because dot-coms were somehow both trendy and also crashing. But she and her business partner held firm, and they were totally right. They’re still here; most of the tech companies I covered are not.)

Right now I’m using Evo’s curly product, along with a regimen of dividing my hair into sections and twisting them around and around my finger really tightly before letting go and then fluffing and air-drying (my hair, even with a diffuser, does NOT blow-dry well in L.A. for whatever reason). I’ve also used Cutler cream. I’ve tried Miss Jessie’s Pillow-Soft Curls, but haven’t stuck with it, and I keep some Tigi Bed-Head Curls Rock around for when my hair is dry and just needs a little sprucing. But I am more lax than I should be about this — it’s partly BECAUSE I can air-dry my hair every day at home, and this tricks me into thinking I don’t need to fuss about curl formation, when I actually really do — and am always looking to switch up my regimen.

So, what products are y’all using right now in search of Blake-like perfection? Which ones leave your hair soft and well-formed, and which make it crunchy or frizzy? We don’t have to limit it to curl-enhancing products, either; anti-frizz recommendations will do nicely too. Got a killer blowdryer, or one that killed your hair? Have you ever used DevaCurl, or gone no-shampoo (and if so, how did you handle going to the gym, because my sweat glands would not stand it), or had someone else dry-cut your curls? What other wisdom can you impart? BLAKE, ARE YOU OUT THERE? IMPART. IMPAAAAART.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]