So, here in California, we are heading into month four of lockdown — and about to get more locked down, because our coronavirus numbers are out of control; again, Americans, please wear your masks and don’t go to the bar right now — and most people are not going out to their gyms, yoga classes, or pilates studios because it’s not a great idea to be in an enclosed space where people are breathing heavily at the moment, unfortunately. I am curious as to what people are doing to keep up with their exercise regimes. (It’s ironic that I am the person writing this post, because Heather is a scrupulous exerciser and I am not, but here we are.) I personally basically only ever go for walks around my neighborhood, and I love the yoga on the Peloton app, so this is perhaps the one aspect of my life that has not really changed, but I know that’s not the case for so many other people. How have you adapted to this? If you own a gym or a yoga studio, are you offering online classes? Have you stopped buying yourself cute workout clothes to bribe yourself to exercise? (Wait, that last one is just me.)