I know, y’all. I know. I’m still employed. It’s true. And all that blah blah blah blah bleedly blah blah you heard about how I am all walking out of auditions and then sorta disappearing for like hours at a time while Simon cries and little Demi Lovato has time to get a new gel manicure and that other person searches the grounds for me are not exactly totally all true. The actual truth is that I just got up to pop over to the 7-11 to get a Big Gulp and it turns out there ARE no 7-11s where we are, wherever this is, because I still don’t know, and then I accidentally got on the freeway and who even knows where I was for about an hour and forty-five minutes and then I FINALLY figured it out and then I got back to set and then I had to eat some Corn-Nuts and then I was ready to go on and let me just tell y’all: my contract says I can go on a Big Gulp Walkabout whenever I want so CALM DOWN, is what I am saying. X-Files is going to be FINE and I am really good in it. I just wish they’d get on with it and introduce me to Mulder finally. I mean, don’t I look actually seriously really good here? I do. I know. The truth IS out there and the truth is that this dress is great on me.

See you after I finally track down some of those new ENCHILADA EXTREME Doritos I was just reading about in the National Enquirer. It could be HOURS. HAHAHAHAH No actually it could really take hours. They’re only out in limited release.



[Photo: Wenn]